Alpha & Omega Speech Therapy is dedicated to providing research driven, up to date therapy services for children and adolescents who struggle with a variety of developmental and communication-related challenges. Providing solutions that allow children to reach their full potential in all areas of communication is our goal.

At Alpha & Omega Speech Therapy , we evaluate each child and determine strengths and weaknesses, address family concerns, and develop an individual treatment plan that will incorporate the most appropriate therapy approach and techniques for the child. When appropriate, we educate families on the techniques that are utilized during each session and then provide ideas that carry-over into your daily activities. Goals are often reached by using play-based, child-centered, family-friendly approaches.

At Alpha & Omega Speech Therapy, our speech language pathologists believe that families know their children best and should be valued as the experts on the team.  Therefore, all of our services are offered in a style which engages families as active participants from the initial evaluation to therapy sessions to carryover into daily activities.  Many of our families choose to take advantage of our private services in addition to their child's school-based services to enhance their child's progress. Alpha & Omega Speech Therapy is here for YOUR child!

Our therapists have extensive experience with:

  • Late talkers                                                       Speech that is difficult to understand

  • Expressive/Receptive Language Delay         Auditory Verbal Therapy

  • Social Skills Development

Linda Conley-Cox, M.S. CCC-SLP                                    Melba Steiner, SLP-Assistant
  • Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from East Carolina University                           Associate in Applied Science - Caldwell Community College

  • Instructor of Communicative Disorders at Shaw University                                   Licensed by the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Speech and

  • Instructor of Communicative Disorders at North Carolina Central                       Language Pathologists and Audiologists.



  • Program Director of Communicative Disorder at Texas Southern  University

  • Speech Pathologist  - Rutherford School District In North Carolina

  • Founder 2006 Owner/Manager - Alpha & Omega Speech Therapy

  • Certified by the American Speech & Hearing Association

  • Licensed by the North Carolina Board of Examiners for Speech and 

    Language Pathologists and Audiologists


509 Butler Rd

Forest City, NC 28043


T: 828.248.1214
F: 828.247.8828


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